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Caydon Property Moves Forward on Malt District Development in Yarra

Joe Russo Caydon

Joe Russo is a respected presence in the Melbourne, Australia, community who guides Caydon Property Group in the development of mixed-use, high-rise, apartment buildings. In July 2016, Joe Russo and the Caydon Property team received stage one approval for a proposed $1 billion mixed-use development in Cremorne. The project will incorporate Victoria’s historic Nylex Clock.

The first stage of the proposed project includes 225 apartments, a cafe and a supermarket. The initial development is part of a 1.4-hectare precinct that has come into Caydon Property ownership over the past decade. Engaging with prominent landscape designers and architects, the site plan retains many historic buildings associated with the old Cremorne Brewery, including those for brewing beer and storing malt. In addition, the iconic Nylex clock will be renovated to working order.
When completed, the Malt District promises to offer Melbourne-area residents a dynamic new commercial and residential destination that also offers dining possibilities for casual visitors.

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